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Super Star Destroyer...

Evanslighting  is sad to announce that due to molding issues related to the age and modification of the


The SSD has ran into unrecoverable production issues financially.

Therefore, without an investor or crowd funding per my donation section below.

The project is officially dead. I put everything I had financially into this project and since the

model/hobby market is struggling due to the current economy, I cannot continue to fund the SSD


Pro built kit by Joeyshipman for a Disney employee, click here for Joey build services.
Apply for PayPal credit today, 6 months interest free Click banner below for SSD Credit, takes only 5 mins.
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I designed a paypal SSD funding under the current paypal donation button. If and when

donations are initiated, a page link will display funding activity and project goal which is

currently around $1800. Thanks, Justin

SSD Donation