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After years of research and development, Evanslighting will be changing the way lighting kits are done with EL technology. This means instead of led towers, 10 mm leds or halogen lighting, EL panels will give you a pre-wired central even lighting source for your models. No more fiber optics for even lighting or multiple leds for constant lighting in your models. One thin EL can light and entire saucer and main hull on a starship model. EL panels will come in different sizes and colors adapting to every Evanslighting kit. Blue EL panels will light nacelles with no lighting source gaps or need of diffusion. EL kits will be more than the current kit pricing, however, completive to current basic lighting kits offered by the competition. EL kits are 9 or 12 vdc ready with inverters and multi plug and play connectors.

El Panel kits

Each kit comes with 9-12 vdc inverter and adapts to every Evanslighting kit. Nacelle kits available as well.

Tenacontrols Pre-built circuits

Along with our pre-wired leds, all lighting kits come with pre-built circuits saving you weeks of work building circuits and leds.
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1:350 El Panel system for refit, includes dual el panel and 9-12 Nacelle vdc inverter
Refit El Panel System$99