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Movie Enterprise 2...

Torpedo and Phaser Mod upgrade with dual speaker $180
Torpedo and Phaser Mod upgrade with dual speakers upgrades your current lighting kit to the rapid fire phaser and torpedo control. Note this requires a 9 vdc power supply and switches thus your model will be stand mounted and not stand less. Power supply, torpedo/phaser main board, leds, speakers and power supply are all included. Note, speaker do not come in box any more, must be fabricated and mounted into fabricated stand as shown in video. I will be shipping the above speaker boxes while supplies last with purchase of existing kits.
Worlds first JJ Enterprise battle ready motorized spinner and main board kit with micro colling fans. System comes in two different configurations and paragrafix kit. Gallery coming, Kit includes 2 micro fans, motor drive board, Paragrfix kit, background leds, and main navigation/engine effects board, wire and heat-shrink. There is also a battle ready motorized spinner effect kit, turns bussard collectors from blue to red in battle mode along with dish and other items chosen by customer. Colors can also be customized.
Torpedo and phaser effect video

Motorized spinner and battle ready kit

Torpedo and Phaser mod and add-ons…

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