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Cyrusher FR100 Folding mountain bike

High Sierra Titan 55 Backpacking Pack:

After going through many backpacks , The Titan 55 was the choice.

This backpack has water reservoir pack compartment and reservoir line outlets on both sides along with line supports and

enough room for everything I need. Additionally, the backpack comes with rain protector inside a bottom compartment that

I also store other rain gear in. Might be overkill but I rather buy one backpack to use for all practical applications.

Ibera PakRak Bicycle Quick-Release Commuter Trunk Bag:

I use for lunch bag and cycling tools. There is also a rain guard for it. Additionally, it comes with a carrying strap.

Since I started cycling to work, I upgraded my mountain bike and wanted a specific folding bike  and price tag only offered in the Cyrusher FR1100. I was then faced with the dilemma of upgrading the frame to to a more professional shock like a Fox float. Therefore, the only compatible shock besides the DNM shocks, was the Fox Float RP23 air shock. I cant say enough goods things about the FR100 and FOX RP23. I have excellent support from Cyrusher and by the time this page is uploaded, Cyrusher should be working on a Fox bushing conversion set for the FR100. However, I have yet to here from Fox and there seems to be a lack of support since I have emailed Fox many times about the bushing and fasteners set for the RP23. I have therefore fabricated my own conversion set and provided Cyrusher with the information needed to produce a conversion bushing and fastener set. The following is a guide to the conversion for the FR100 and Fox RP23. Additionally I have posted some commuter/cycling items that work with the FR100 and I have researched and tested. It is very difficult to almost impossible to find a professional air shock at a 6” eye to eye or 150mm. Below is directions for converting a Fox shock and using it on a Cyrusher FR100 folding mountain bike.

FOX Float RP23 Rear shock

I don’t mess with sag ratio after reading many posts and since its all up to the users

ride. So I set the pressure to 250 PSI, this way and after testing, when I remove

the dual fox pump; the pressure remains at around 200 PSI. Just wish the pump had a

quick disconnect so that a lot of pressure wasn’t lost in the process of removing the


Conversion Instructions :

I used plastic/Delrin for bushing spaces found at any hardware store, 1/2"/10mm aluminum for outer

bushing and 5/16"/8mm brass rod for inner bushing (thinner wall for stock fastener). All perfect fit,

please let me know if Cyrusher or Fox considers developing a  FOX RP-23 float conversion bushing


Recommended Commuting accessories:

FOX Dual Stage Pump, best for the price

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ATC Chameleon Dual lens video:

Excellent dual lens without breaking the bank and there is water shield for the unit available.

The only thing I wish it would do, (besides dual 360 lens rotation), is a cellular or WiFi cloud backup

so if you get hit by a car, God forbid; you have a backup video in case someone steals the camera in a hit and run scenario.