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Enterprise D...

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Interior lighting kit for your Galaxy starship kit.  This set includes white, red and blue LEDs, white 10 mm LEDs and blue LED strips, Strobe board for 10 leds, wiring and battery clip. Illustrated instructions. Soldiering experience required.
Future Enterprise D lighting kit with strobe board
New Enterprise D Deluxe lighting kit includes 10 mm leds,  upper and lower phaser array with sound, strobe board and fwd/aft torpedo with sound  $350 with shipping in USA
 Enterprise D lighting kit with strobe board
Phaser Array
Torpedo Effect
$75 with shipping
$65 with shipping

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Future Enterprise D...

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Future D
Future Enterprise D with Future Enterprise D Conversion Kit, lighting kit, Phaser Array, Torpedo Effect and Nacelle GlowRods $459 with shipping In USA