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Enterprise A 1:350...

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Enterprise from Polar Lights.   The kit utilizes LEDs and led strips to light this ship, You provide the model kit. Instructions are sent via email and Soldiering experience required. This kit is loaded with the following: Navigation Circuit with 2 red, 2 green and 4 nav and 4 strobe lights. Nav board and all LEDs are pre-wired to save time, You just need to run wires and solder wires to complete kit. Recent re-design replaces GlowRods with led strips and led towers replaced by 10 mm leds.    6-3 mm yellow LEDs, 1-5 mm white LEDs 12-3 mm white LEDs 4-5 mm red LEDs 3-3mm red LEDs 2-5 mm blue LEDs 6- 3 mm blue LEDs 2 led towers or 10 mm leds (tower discontinued) Blue nacelle led strips
12 CH RF Remote Control Switch with 4 ch Toggle state (on/off) (as seen in video) Receiver and Transmitter unit and power supply. $169 with shipping upon request. Requires novice electronic experience.
Torpedo and landing bay effect
Remote System $169 + Shipping
Torpedo and Landing bay effect$169 + Shipping
Deluxe Refit Kit $379 + Shipping
Deluxe Kit including lighting kit, dish, torpedo and landing bay mod--- Combo Board Version on P.3
1:350 Refit basic lighting kit $189 + shipping
Combo board Deluxe with Torpedo $489
Combo Board deluxe kit offers an additional impulse engine effect as in the Intro darkness Enterprise Kit and has the dish, navigation and shuttle bay all in one board. Then I add a torpedo effect board so You only have two board for all effects.
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Deflector Dish $39 + Shipping
Outside USA Customers please add this shipping once to any order
Deflector dish circuit as seen in video, works as follows or with remote circuit (sold separately). How it works: Press the momentary switch and the amber led will ramp up to full brightness and stay that way until the switch is pressed again which will ramp off the amber led and ramp up the blue led and stay on. Press the switch again and the blue led will ramp off and stay off until the switch is pressed again.