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Enterprise A 1:350 P3 DIY Kit...

This DIY kit is authentic based on the first movie refit
Refit DIY (Navigation  board not included) $89
1:350 DIY Refit Kit Parts list 6x PLCC-2 SMDs (Vertical neck spotlights, top of turbo lifts, refer to lighting scheme) 2x 5mm bi-color amber / blue LEDs (Navigation Dish & Impulse Crystal) 2x 3mm bi-color amber / red LEDs (Impulse Engine) 13x 3mm white LEDs (Refer to lighting scheme below) 15x 1.8mm white LEDs (Formation and navigation, bridge, shuttle bay and saucer area, refer to lighting scheme) 4x 5mm diffused yellow LEDs (Saucer, refer to lighting scheme) 6x 1.8mm yellow LEDs (Nacelles, refer to lighting scheme) 2x 2mm x 3mm x 4mm white LEDs (Outer chiller on nacelles, refer to lighting scheme) 2x 2mm x 3mm x 4mm red LEDs (Torpedo tubes) 2x 1.8mm red LEDs (Port running, saucer) 2x 1.8mm green LEDs (Starboard running, saucer) 4x 10mm UV purple LEDs (Nacelle intercoolers) 2x 5mm flat top diffused blue LEDs (Top of nacelle, refer to lighting scheme) 14x 5mm white LEDs (8 LEDs for saucer windows and 3 LEDs for lower saucer, Refer to lighting scheme) 1x 28” white 5050 LED strip (Main hull, neck, refer to lighting scheme below) 2x  Flexible terminal strips: 8 feet wire 2 feet nano wire Heat shrink for nano and regular wire Lighting scheme and parts placement included
Refit DIY with Navigation  board $129